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The Sunday Squeeze #2 – The Ariel Fiasco

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The year was 2006.  My son was 7 years old and not very interested in girls at the time.  Okay, almost any female not named “Momma” was yuckie at the time.  My daughter wanted badly to complete her collection of princess autographs on her hat, so we talked him into meeting with her.  It started out innocently enough.  Ariel asked where we had swum in from and the kids laughed and joked with her.  Ariel offered my son a hug.  Then it went wrong, very, very wrong!
Ariel, in her typical gentile demeanor leaned over to give him a kiss on the cheek.  He attempted to lean away and she planted a good one on him!
He was not a happy camper! I had to promise him a Dole Whip to allow me to take the first photo. He still hates the photo and isn’t too fond of the memory, but it’s pretty special to us. He wiped the lipstick off his cheek as quickly as possible. I bought the Dole Whip as soon as we could reach Adventureland and we were off to ride Pirates of the Caribbean together!

Share your great character moments with us in the comments below or email me your photo and story!

Every Sunday I’ll post a new photo of a great hug moment with a character and a description of what was taking place at that time.

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Saturday 5th of May 2012

In 2010 We had finished our first CRT breakfast (after 3 years trying thank you very much), DH,DS (age 4) and me (mom). DH ran to hop a bus for Star Wars Merchandise and Me and the kid went to "meet people". Now Sleeping Beauty had planted a BIG kiss on the boy and he had received his sword and he was proud of it. We left castle and headed to try to meet Belle, when out pops Lady Tremaine and her daughters . SO my son yells out "There's the badies, give me my sword!" Well of course they heard him and turned around and after that it was THE BEST 15 minutes of character interaction EVER. Anastasia ended up harassing him for who had been kissing him as it hadn't been her, Tremaine approved of the kid cord - tether I had on him (eek!) and they took him for a walk with me laughing so hard behind ended with my DS swearing to Protect them with his sword! Oh and DH got a kick reading texts on Disney bus that the stepdaughters had taken his son for a little adventure! Thats why we love Disney!


Sunday 18th of December 2011

I have a great Photopass picture of nephew getting smooched by Tink, but he's got a big grin on his face!

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