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Monday, September 20, 2021
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A Disney Dining Plan option is available for select Guests

Many Guests have been waiting for Walt Disney World's Dining Plans to once again become an available option when booking a Disney...

Universal Orlando Resort Makes Unannounced Change to the Dining Plan

Today, astute guests of Universal Orlando Resort noticed that this particular option is no longer available. Read on for details.

Breaking: Another Disney World Offering To Return Soon

Disney has been very quiet about the possibility of the Disney Dining Plan coming back! Today they finally mentioned it. Read on...

Is this new Disney offer the future of the Dining Plan?

A new offer has been released today, and it includes a food credit! But, is this offer indicative of what the Disney...

News: Will the Disney Dining Plan return in 2022?

With the exciting release of 2022 Disney vacation packages and tickets, Guests are getting a glimpse into the future of Disney World....