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KennythePirate’s Disney World Character Locator APP

Thousands of people would tell you this is the BEST Disney World app on the market and it’s only getting better!  We’re excited to announce that characterlocator.com is available for subscription. You can preview the product before purchasing and see:

  • Get KennythePirate's Character LocatorMobile Crowd Calendar with Park hours and weather that are updated as they change,
  • FULL character schedules
  • FULL show schedules
  • Rides Information with wait times descriptions and videos
  • Dining menus with prices for all four parks.
  • Fully customizable touring plans
  • Fun, mobile friendly trivia game

In addition users have access to information for

  • Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party – includes characters, shows, available rides with waits, available dining and dates
  • Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party – includes characters, shows, available rides with waits, available dining and dates
  • All Character meals
  • A list of Rare characters that you might find in Walt Disney World

There’s NO application on the market that packs this much information into your mobile device.  We’ve invested hundreds of hours into building this app and update it every Saturday night to make sure you have current, fresh information at your fingertips!

ktp iconBut Kenny, why isn’t it in the iTunes market?  At this time, we do not have the equipment necessary to construct the interface needed to do this.  It’s something that we hope to do in the future, but the app functions EXACTLY the same either way.  Whenever the app goes to iTunes in the future, you’ll be able to use the same account to login and not have to pay an additional cost.

NOTE:  This is a mobile, web based app.  It is not a “download”

Here’s how you can create an APP ICON that will allow you to click directly from the home screen on your iPhone:

“While the page is open in the Safari browser, click the rectangle with the arrow to the left of the address bar and choose ‘Add page to home screen.”

You can subscribe to www.characterlocator.com  using your Paypal account or any major credit card in a secure transaction.  You can preview 5 items on each page without purchasing to see how great the app really is!


  1. Hi! I signed up for a subscription a few days ago. I’m trying to log in from a different device and my password isn’t working. I asked for a temp password, but I haven’t yet received one. I’ve double checked my junk mail several times. Any advice? Thank you!

  2. Kenny,

    I will be going to the first MNSSHP on 09/15/2015. If I subscribe to your Character Locator app, what should I expect for that night? Will the list of characters, locations, and wait time be updated during the night of the first party? I have looked at 2014’s schedule but I’m more interested in the wait time and whether or not there will be any character who did not make an appearance last year (the Princes, for example).

    Thank you

    • I don’t provide wait times for characters, it’s impossible with most meets that cut the line. I do list appearance times. Lists should be updated a week or two before, but full schedules updated first party.

  3. I bought the app and now I am looking where to find your touring plans …. where do I go on my phone through the app? Thanks in advance

  4. hi Kenny I bought the app for my galaxy phone a few years ago, i have a new phone and can’t access the app on the phone I keep getting a message that says it is not supported. Do I have to buy the app again? I just re read the app info and says a year so I am thinking that means a year subscription?

  5. Boy I don’t know what happened today. Do the schedules change over on a sat? Everytime I went to a meet they were not there. The characters were filling the schedule on the app all week and then today jan 24 which is still listed on the app amd times guide here in wdw as the same week it was off. Peter Pan ended up finishing at 5:10 with an extra meet added happening at 5:50. Gaston never showed up for any of his allotted times and fairy godmother was alternating with the tremaine family at the new fantasyland wall. Is this bizarre schedule due to the park having extra magic hours today till 2am?

    • Sounds like they had a bad day of call-ins, which tends to happen more on weekends. They have to scramble to fill spots.

  6. Kenny, love the app!!! I wanted to add it to my Kindle Fire. Is there a way to make an icon for it on the Kindle, like I did on my iphone? Thanks!

  7. Hi! I have your app on my android table, but now I have and android phone, is there a way I can sign into the app w/o having to purchase it

  8. Hello Kenny! I purchased the app through PayPal and I have not been able to log in. I may have forgotten my login, so I asked for it to be sent to my email twice and never received anything, and yes, I checked my junk mail. We are leaving for Disney tomorrow and I would love to have it up and running! I know, nothing like waiting till the last minute! Thank you!

  9. Hello! I just purchased this app using PayPal. I paid $3.99 for it but cannot access anything. Every page that I click on is blank with the exception of the park hours. I have tried refreshing, I signed in with the password that was emailed to me. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or not. Really looking forward to using this app in a few weeks when we go down to Disney. Please help!!

  10. Kenny, love your site and am ready to purchase your web-based app. Question: May I log in from any device? I’m assuming it’s basically a password-protected website–?

    PS: Orlando-bound on Saturday!!!

  11. Thanks Kenny. I re-read the article, followed instructions and it worked! Have to admit that I’m not so “tech-inclined”. Thanks again for the great info. Taking the grandkids for the first time in a few months. Looking forward to seeing all the characters!

  12. Hi Kenny. I purchased this app yesterday. Is this supposed to appear on my iphone with my other apps? Didn’t see anything. Please help. Thank you

  13. I just bought the app and Character Palooza is not listed. I will be at Hollywood Studios on 1/30 and wanted to make sure it will still be available 2:30, 3:30, and 4:30

  14. I did that, but it still shows the option to pay and view the full app. My husband paid from his device but used my account. Would that make a difference? Would I have to purchase it again on my iPad? I’m a bit technologically challenged so maybe the problem is me. LOL!

  15. Kenny, love your site!! I got the best info here for our trip last week! (Characterpalooza was amazing!) I seem to be having an issue with the app though. I bought it while at disney but I haven’t been able to access all the info. Just the 5 that anybody can view. Any ideas as to why that is? We’re planning another trip for this December and I don’t want to miss out on any of your awesome tips! Thanks in advance!

  16. Kenny, Sorry, I meant to post here……Something’s up with the app. Not working, takes you to the domain sign up. Can’t sign in……

    • Stacey, there was an issue with our server company that has been resolved. If you see a page that doesn’t load properly, click refresh to fix that problem. Sorry for the inconvenience that it may have caused you.

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