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Is $30 Billion Enough to Revamp Disney’s Theme Parks?

Is $30 Billion Enough to Revamp Disney’s Theme Parks?

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Disney promises a 10-year $60 BILLION investment in various segments across the company. Now, a new filing shows where exactly that money will be going.


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Last year, Disney shared it has really big plans to expand its theme parks, cruise ships, and more. And just how do they plan to do that?

By doubling their investment to almost $60 BILLION dollars over the course of the next 10 years. You can read more about those plans and what it will mean for your Disney vacation experience in this post.

The Walt Disney Company has a lot of ground to cover with that 60 billion. In fact, there is over 1,000 acres of land for possible future projects across all of its existing sites – domestically and internationally.

New Filing

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Credit: Walt Disney Company

$60 Billion is a lot for one company (or maybe not, depending on who you ask). Disney recently provided more information about where exactly that money is going.

50% of that $60 Billion will go to Parks/Resorts, 20% to Cruise/Other, and 30% on Technology/Maintenace. They state that this 10-year investment plan “supports investments to create magical new experiences and refresh existing infrastructure.”

It’s worth noting that 70% of the plan is set aside for capacity-expanding investments. That could include new resorts, new ships, expanded lands, and more.

What does this mean for you?

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The filing also states the money will be spent on “expanding footprint, innovative technology, and reaching new fans across the world.”

Hopefully, we will see more with the DisneylandForward Project, Beyond Big Thunder, the Dinoland revamp, and possibly a new ship. International parks like Tokyo DisneySea and Shanghai have received massive attention lately with new lands.

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Source: SEC filing

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Wednesday 13th of March 2024

Disney needs to spend more of the money here in the Florida parks. The location has been the provider of highest attendance and the overseas parks have had too much attention.

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