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How to get 6 Fastpasses at ONCE at Animal Kingdom


Yesterday I traveled over to the Animal Kingdom about noon to do some Fastpass testing.  I recently did a small amount of testing at the Magic Kingdom in my Triple Dippin post.  That post would do a poor job demonstrating how to maximize FP and FP+ though.  I will write a new article soon about how you can use FP at the Magic Kingdom and get 8 Fastpasses and use FP at every possible attraction with as little back-tracking as possible.

So, onto the Animal Kingdom on Halloween.  (Queue ominous music).  I started out my day with 3 Fastpass+ reservations.   I had reserved Expedition Everest, Mickey and Minnie and Kilimanjaro Safari.  As I entered Animal Kingdom I headed straight over to meet Mickey and Minnie using my FP reservation.  The posted wait was 20 minutes.  Using FP+ I waited 8.21 minutes according to the Wait Time feature in our Android version of Character Locator.

Mickey and Minnie Animal Kingdom KennythePirate

After meeting Mickey and Minnie, I made a beeline straight for Primeval Whirl.  Why Primeval Whirl?  Because I wanted to test the paper Fastpass system and retrieved these Fastpasses below.   As you can see, I used my Walt Disney World Annual Pass that is still connected to the Fastpass+ system and a recently expired Room Only Key to the World from Pop Century (11/14 NOTE: Pop Century is no longer offering KTTW cards that will offer paper Fastpasses!).  I could have easily used one card to secure a Fastpass here and the other card to secure one at another attraction, but I chose to do this for the purpose of testing.  If you click the image for a larger view, you’ll see that they were retrieved at the same time.  Trash cans to the rescue again.

On my way to Dinosaur I saw this typically long line to meet Goofy and Pluto in Dinoland.  This line will take you 30 minutes or more depending upon when their brief water breaks are during your time in the queue.  They were handing out candy for all the kiddos on Halloween at this meet, the Winnie the Pooh meet and the Camp Minnie Mickey meets, but not at the Mickey and Minnnie meet.



Who needs a meet and greet when you can just say hi to Goofy as he passes in his Halloween costume?

Goofy Halloween Costume Animal Kingdom KennythePirateThen I retrieved these Fastpasses for Dinosaur using the EXACT SAME media as Primeval Whirl.  So what does that tell us?  One of these attractions is not connected to the remaining paper Fastpass system and is essentially a FREE Fastpass.  Wanna guess which one?  I’ll tell ya later.


From there I headed over to Expedition Everest while I was still in the same return window and found that Everest is indeed connected to the system and it told me that I had Fastpasses for Primeval Whirl.  Ah, man, my later to be revealed secret is blown!  Now you won’t read the rest of the post.  Dinosaur is NOT connected to the paper Fastpass system, so it like Mickey, Dumbo and Barnstormer in the Magic Kingdom are essentially FREE Fastpasses and you should never waste a FP+ reservation on these when they are giving them away.

Expedition Everest Fastpass Animal Kingdom Kenny the Pirate

I headed over to Kali River Rapids to do the same test and learn whether it is connected to the system.  Along the way DJ Anaan and his Bollywood Dancers were out.  This isn’t intended to be a knock on the DJ or the dancers, they are each talented performers, but there’s almost NEVER anyone dancing here.  At this moment there were 3 little girls involved.  The girl in white was dancing, and seemed to know every move, while the two little girls were comparing nail polish colors.  Could we just bring back some retired characters please???

DJ AnaanSo, back to the Fastpass discussion.  I grabbed paper FP for Kali and found that it is indeed connected to the system.  Still can’t get another one until that beloved Primeval Whirl FP times out.  Nice shot of the perforations at the top and bottom huh?

Kali River RapidsHustling along the path toward Kilimajaro Safaris I noticed a young padawan Jedi patrolling the area.  It’s nice to feel safe when touring a Disney park!


Whew!  Made it all the way from Dinosaur to Safaris with 7 minutes to spare.  Not too many people are running around Walt Disney World attempting to get Fastpasses that don’t even work, huh?  The things I do for love, things I do for love…  So, Safaris are connected to the system and I am an excellent hand model!

Kilimanjaro Safari Fastpass Animal Kingdom Kenny the Pirate

What did we learn from this little experiment?  I can easily hold 6 Active Fastpasses at one time in the Animal Kingdom and here’s how:

1.  Book 3 Fastpass+ reservations (don’t bother with Dinosaur)  If Mickey and Minnie is important to you, chose them as one.

2.  Go to Dinosaur a little before you plan to ride and retrieve a paper Fastpass using a hotel key or annual pass.  It usually has a return time about 40 minutes into the future except in the busiest seasons when it could be like 2 hours out.  This is a FREE Fastpass!  You could take in Primeval Whirl and Triceratop Spin or meet Goofy and Pluto while your Fastpass is charging.  I would only use FP if the wait time exceeds 15-20 minutes anyway.

3.  If you have a Key to the World (Hotel key) then head to an attraction like Primeval Whirl, Expedition Everest, Kali River Rapids or Kilimajaro Safari and retrieve another Fastpass using that.

4.  If you have an Annual Pass, use that to retrieve another, different Fastpass for Primeval Whirl, Expedition Everest, Kali River Rapids or Kilimajaro Safari or get a second one if it’s a favorite for you.

We now have 6 FASTPASSES.   3 FP+ and 3 paper FP using the Magic Band, an old hotel key and a current Annual Pass!

Fair winds and full sails me hearties!

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  1. Hi Kenny thanks for the great work. I am buying tickets from Undercover Tourist and will upgrade them to annual passes after using 1 day at the end of January. Any idea if I register the tickets to FP+, reserve my FPs for the trip, if I’d be able to then be able to use use the Paper AP tickets to still pull FP-?

  2. Kenny, I have old KTTW cards from Feb 2013 and May 2011… any idea if they would work for paper FPs? What is the oldest KTTW card that has worked?

  3. We are going to Disney the beginning of January and I just made out FP+ reservations. I did FP dinosaur (and meeting Mickey at MK). Should I change our FP to something else since we can get a “free” one at the park? The only thing I like now is that I have planned our day around the FP+ times we have. (Also, not AK related but I have a FP for Mickey at the end of the day at MK. Should I just get that one the day of and use our FP+ for something else?) any advice would be appreciated!

    • I personally choose to pick up paper fp for dino and primeval and save the fp+ for other Attractions, but it depends on your touring strategy and goals. Mickey meet is a good use. I just used mine immediately after parade and walked right in first

  4. Hoping you can help. I’m so confused by the FP+. We have a trip planned for Feb 19 – March 3. I know there’s a lot of uncertainty, but if the system continues to work the way it does now, can we stay just the first night at a Disney resort and use FP+ for our entire stay? If we don’t link our tickets?

  5. We were at AK on Halloween, too and did not see you :( However, today (11/1) at EPCOT, we had our 3 previous FP+ booked and walked up to Test Track with our PAPs and current room keys and got 2 more sets of Test Track FPs (my son is a junkie). So in addition to the FP+ ressie, these 2 bonuses and a “comp” FP for my son getting sat in a seat with a pile of grease all over the safety harness at Mission Space, we rode Test Track 4 times today!

  6. I’m so confused. If you do not have an old kttw card to use, are you only able to use the 3 fastpass + options? We are going the first week of March, and its starting to sound like we will be waiting in a lot of lines instead of being able to utilize paper fastpasses like we planned.

    • Park ticket, annual pass, key to the world all work in paper fp machines. But there’s no guarantee paper fp will exist then.
      If you’re staying at an eligible wdw resort, you get 3 fp+ per day too. By spring it’s supposed to extend to every guest.

  7. I can’t say I’m a fan of using an old hotel key to “cheat” the system. I guess this is a PSA to the Disney IT team to put in some more work to close that loophole.

  8. Do hotel keys that have or used to have tickets attached work in the paper fastpass machines? I heard rumblings that they no longer do. If that’s the case, our family will still be stuck to only the 3 FP+ which certainly puts us at a disadvantage. We are used to using several more than 3 FPs in a day.

  9. I’m not sure I understand part of this: you can use a room key, that has no park ticket on it, in the fastpass machine? And then also use your park ticket to get a separate fastpass?

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