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Jake the Pirate to be retired from meet and greets

Jake the Pirate retired from meet and greets

Our nautical friend Jake the Pirate, who taught us many lessons about finding true treasure with your friends, will no longer offer regular meet and greets.

Jake the Pirate will end his meet and greet in the Animation Coutyard “in the next few days”  (October 7) according to Cast in the know.  He could still appear a variety of special events, but he will no longer meet at the Animation Courtyard in front of Disney Jr or at the Hollywood and Vine Breakfast.

He ended his meet at the Disney Junior Play n Dine breakfast on September 28, 2018 and was replaced by Vampirina at that location already.  After a few weeks of construction, Vampirina should begin meeting at Animation Courtyard as well.

Character Locator will always keep you informed on all current meet and greets!

We wish Jake the Pirate a fond farewell and may all his piratical adventures find true treasure!


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  1. We are so sad that Jake is gone! :( It is way too early to retire him. He is still my son’s favorite! I’m so glad we got to see him once more before he left.

  2. Out with the old and in with the new. That’s how Disney does it. At least they keep all the princesses. They have all the other characters like minnie, mickey, Donald, chip and dale that my boys like

  3. They kept Handy Many on for forever after no one knew who he was! This is way too early for Jake to leave. And now there are 3 girls and 1 boy character for the breakfast! Not fair for the boys.

  4. It seems early to retire him. My 4-year old still watches Jake, as do many preschoolers who primarily watch Netlfix. And my kids haven’t started watching Vampirina at all.

  5. I agree so sad my son just loves Jake so glad we were able to go last summer when he was still at the play N dine breakfast. They need to remember to keep a balance of characters for boys as well as girls.

  6. Sad! That was always my boys’ favorite character to meet when they were younger (and we did that breakfast many times too for Jake) but I guess it’s orobably time for a change.

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