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Anna and Elsa round out World Princess Week

World Princess Week finishes strong with 2 princesses turned queens: Anna and Elsa! Read on to see the Frozen magic that awaits...

How to Celebrate Belle for World Princess Week

World Princess week continues into the weekend! Today, learn how fans around the world can celebrate Belle in Disney's Parks and Resorts!

Celebrate Ariel and Mulan for World Princess Week!

Disney continues to highlight various princesses for their World Princess Week! Find out how to celebrate Thursday's princess (Ariel) and Friday's (Mulan)...

Where can you celebrate Moana for World Princess Week?

World Princess week continues today with Wednesday's princess: Moana! Read on to see what all is in store for the chief's daughter.

World Princess Week kicks off with two amazing royals

World Princess Week began on Monday with Disney highlighting one princess a day! Check out the first two royals here!