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A New Relaxation Station is Opening at Epcot

A new relaxation station is opening at Epcot soon! Read on for all of the details. Relaxation Stations After Walt Disney World reopened their theme parks,...

New Relaxation Station Opens at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

One relaxation station has closed and a new one has opened at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Get the full details here. Relaxation Stations With the mask requirements...

Complete Guide to Walt Disney World Relaxation Stations

Adding a mask to the brutal Florida heat and humidity makes it challenging for guests to stay in the parks all day. Walt...

Possible Designated Relaxation Zones for Epcot

Walt Disney World has a big week as they reopen Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom for a Cast Member preview tomorrow, Annual Passholder Previews...

Where Can You Remove Your Face Mask In Magic Kingdom?

When Walt Disney World reopens beginning July 11, Guests over the age of 2 will be required to wear a mask in all areas,...