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Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Star Wars Events Postponed at Disneyland

As we know, Disneyland is scheduled to open on July 17, 2020. Today it was announced that certain Star Wars events...

‘Buddy vs Duff 2’ Finale Challenge from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Fans of Buddy vs Duff 2 are in for a real treat this weekend, and it's guaranteed to be full of galactic...

The Sun Awakens at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Today we are able to view the sunrise above Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge both at Disneyland and Disney World. Join us...

Why January 17 is an Important Day for Disney Parks

Today is an important day for Disney! I'm sharing all the reasons why below. Four...

Disneyland to Implement Virtual Queue System for Rise of the Resistance

Maybe you have heard about the popular new ride, Rise of the Resistance, in Walt Disney World? Ha! On...