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Breaking News: Opening Date Now Set for Space 220

We have been awaiting the opening of Space 220 for quite some time. We now have an opening date for this...

Breaking: Disney Announces the Official Opening of Space 220!

We are ready for lift off! Disney announces the official opening of Space 220! Are you excited?

Breaking: Space 220 Opening Timeframe Announced

The group that manages many restaurants on property, including Space 220, has just confirmed the timeframe for the opening of this highly-anticipated...

New job postings for Space 220. Is it really opening this...

Several new job postings have popped up for Space 220. But, when will it actually open? Check out the latest update right...

This highly-anticipated Disney restaurant may finally be opening!

We have been waiting for the opening of this restaurant for a very long time. After many delays, we may finally be...