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Periwinkle’s meet will not be regularly available soon

Word is that Periwinkle's impending removal/rotation will happen on February 21st, 2013.  I've heard that she will begin rotating with Terance, Rosetta and Vidia...

Rumor Round Up

Belle's new style Belle's new dress, hair and accouterments premiered at Disneyland on the date that I had previously announced, but she will not receive the new...


Periwinkle meets daily at the Magic Kingdom

Periwinkle to cause other fairies to move to random meets

With Periwinkle's debut beginning this coming Sunday, Sept. 9 at the Magic Kingdom, fairies other than Tinker Bell will move to random status.  This...

Periwinkle’s first public image released

The Disney Parks blog released the first public image of Periwinkle along with Tinker Bell in her new winter costume today. As expected Tinker Bell's...