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Review: Mako the HyperCoaster opens in Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando introduces the tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster in Orlando and it offers the biggest thrills!

SeaWorld announces the “Summer of Mako” and Aquatica offers “Island Nights”

SeaWorld Orlando announces opening date for it's new Mega Coaster "Mako" and other summer event festivities at SeaWorld and Aquatica. SeaWorld – This summer, thrill...

Orlando’s first Hyper Coaster “Mako” presents a point of view ride

Mako made its debut run along its 4,760-foot steal track at SeaWorld Orlando this week. During its inaugural test ride, Mako plunged 200-feet down from its initial lift hill, surged through nine air-time hills and reached topped speeds of 73 mph.