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Does Disney’s New Trailer for Tron Make You Want to Ride?

After watching this new trailer, are you going to want to enter the grid immediately? Let us know what you think! TRON Lightcycle Run Lean...

New Clue Indicates the Opening Date for Magic Kingdom’s TRON

We are getting closer to the opening of Tron! A new clue may provide a more detailed timeframe. Tron The next attraction to open in Magic...

How does the Tomorrowland closure affect the new Tron attraction?

One area of Tomorrowland closed, but how does it affect the new Tron attraction? We have the answer right here. Tron The next attraction to open...

New TRON attraction details coming to Magic Kingdom

Are you excited about the new Tron attraction coming to Magic Kingdom? Take a look here to see Disney's latest information released. Lighting up the...

Disney shares a video update of Tron construction

We are all anxiously awaiting the opening of Tron at Magic Kingdom. Today we got a video update on the attraction's progress! Tron Tron Lightcycle Power...