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Farley the Fiddler gives my daughter a Fiddle playing lesson at...

When one travels to a Disney Park only once every so often, that person is sure to make a list of attractions they really...

Chip n Dale move to tomorrowland and Woody n Jessie move...

Yesterday my friend Mike and his lovely daughter Alana dropped in to the Magic Kingdom to be among the first guests to meet Chip n Dale and Woody n...

How to find Pluto in Hollywood Studios

How to find Pluto in Hollywood Studios

How to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Hollywood Studios in...

How to find Mickey and Minnie in Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World

Rumor: Chip n Dale leaving Frontierland

A strong rumor is pointing to Chip n Dale moving out of Frontierland / Liberty Square very soon. According to multiple sources, Chip n Dale could return to...