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Time Lapse Video of the Most Recent Disney Refurbishment that Has...

Disney Guests were happy to discover that a lengthy refurbishment has now been completed. Get an inside look at this refurbishment...

Photos and Video of the Return of Liberty Square Riverboat and...

The Liberty Square Riverboat and Tom Sawyer rafts are back! After a lengthy refurbishment, check out these photos and video of the...

A Disney World Refurbishment is Complete Sooner than Expected!

Finally, some good refurbishment news! A Disney attraction is reopening sooner than anticipated! Refurbishments

Two Magic Kingdom Attraction Refurbishments have been Extended

The PeopleMover refurbishment has been extended several times recently. But, did you know there are two other Magic Kingdom attractions closed for...

More NEW Attraction Refurbishments Coming to Magic Kingdom

Disney World has added two new refurbishments to the list of attractions needing a tune up. What do you think of them?