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KennythePirate will no longer be involved in Mouse Class Travel

In life, there are times when one is called to reflection, when one needs to find what is best for himself. When I was...

3 ways to follow KennythePirate without filling your email inbox

As I mentioned recently, this blog has grown from only me presenting content to multiple passionate Disney fans who want to share their love...

KennythePirate.com is now a TEAM effort

As I was in the hospital learning about the health issues I needed to tackle, I realized that everything that occurs within my business...

KennythePirate’s 3rd Annual Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Webinar

Join me LIVE this Sunday at 6:00pm for our 3rd Annual Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party webinar!  AND one person will win the all-new...

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2018 LIVE Webinar

Join us for our 3rd Annual Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party LIVE Webinar Event. You must SAVE YOUR SPOT in order to attend....