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Refurbishment News: Update on the Reopening of Kali River Rapids

Good news for all of you visiting Animal Kingdom. The refurbishment for Kali River Rapids is complete sooner than expected! Find out...

Breaking: Ride Refurbishment Scheduled at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Information has just been released about an upcoming ride refurbishment at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Many ride refurbishments have been...

BREAKING: Kali River Rapids to undergo refurbishment

Kali River Rapids was just added to the official refurbishment list for Walt Disney World. Check to see if your travel dates after affected! Kali...

Kali River Rapids to operate on limited schedule during most of...

During the winter months the demand for Kali River Rapids wanes due to the cooler weather that typically falls upon Florida in the winter...

Kali River Rapids set to test a single rider option

Kali River Rapids always has very high wait times for stand by guests during summer months, so Disney World is going to begin a...