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Holiday kitchens announced for Epcot’s Festival of the Holidays

The list of holiday kitchens was released today for Epcot's upcoming Festival of the Holidays. Read on to learn about all...

The Top 10 Most Amazing Snacks from any of Epcot’s Festivals

Do you love visiting Epcot during its festivals? Here are 10 of the most amazing snacks Epcot has to offer.

KtP Writers Answer: What is your Favorite Epcot festival?

Throughout the year, Epcot offers a variety of festivals each with its own unique food and entertainment options. This week the...

News: Epcot’s Festival of the Arts Menus Announced!

Looking for a way to experience Epcot's World Showcase and to celebrate the deliciousness of the flavors from each country? Visit...

5 Reasons Not to Skip Epcot

When planning your Disney vacation, you may feel overwhelmed trying to “fit it all in,” so you may consider skipping a park. ...