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A Disney resort amenity has now reopened to the delight of...

Disney is quickly making changes to their health and safety guidelines. Find out what you can expect during your next stay at...

Disney World makes steps toward normalcy in a BIG way

As vaccination rates and travel demand soar, Disney World is taking steps toward normalcy. What do you think of this new change?

I’ve Been Back. Why I’m Now Postponing a Disney Trip

Visiting Disney World this summer was a lot of fun! This fall? Well, read on to see why one KTP writer will...

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort to be Reopening Very Soon

Disney World's theme parks are open, and the resort hotels are gradually reopening as well. We now have a firm reopening date...

BREAKING: This Can’t Miss Performer Will not be Returning to Disney...

As Disney World continues it's phased reopening, many of Disney's entertainment pieces do not look the same. One performer that has been...