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Final End Dates Revealed for Happily Ever After and EPCOT Forever

With the beginning of the 50th anniversary celebrations at Disney World comes the PERMANENT ending of two nighttime shows. Find out when...

Disney cancels Epcot fireworks. Will Magic Kingdom fireworks be canceled as...

Less than a week after fireworks lit up the sky at Disney World again, Epcot Forever fireworks have been canceled tonight. Will...

How will fireworks be incorporated into special events at Disney World?

Fireworks are returning, and we have a date! But, will Disney do anything special for special celebrations like 4th of July and...

Breaking: Fireworks are returning to Magic Kingdom!

The last time Magic Kingdom held a fireworks show was well over a year ago. Since that time, Disney...

Huge Fireworks Show Blasted Over Epcot Overnight

Guests staying near Epcot were treated to an amazing fireworks show last night! Are we closer to nighttime entertainment at Disney World?