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Disney Magic is Ready to Set Sail This Summer

Disney Cruise Line fans will be excited to learn that the Disney Magic will prepare to set sail this summer. Check...

News: Disney Cruise Line Cancels More Cruises for 2021

This morning Disney Cruise Line announced another round of suspended and cancelled sailings for 2021. Unfortunately, I was one of the...

NEWS: A Beloved Entertainment Group is Leaving Disney World

It is with an extremely heavy heart that I write this article. After 32 years of magic, a fan-favorite entertainment group is...

Disney Cruise Line Suspends Disney Magic Sailings into Summer

Disney Cruise Line has suspended future sailings on Disney Magic into the summer. With the...

Disney Cruise Line Norwegian Fjords Cruise – Day One Achors Away...

I promised my children when they were little, that if they graduate high school with honors, I will take them wherever they wish to...