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New Safety Guidelines Announced for Disney Magic at Sea

New safety guidelines have been announced for Disney Magic staycation sailings. Could we see similar guidelines in cruises for the United...

Disney shares timeline to resume Disney Cruise Line sailings!

During a shareholder meeting, Disney laid out plans to resume Disney Cruise Line sailings - including a timeframe! Do you have future...

News: Disney Cruise Line Cancels More Cruises for 2021

This morning Disney Cruise Line announced another round of suspended and cancelled sailings for 2021. Unfortunately, I was one of the...

More 2021 Disney Cruise Line sailings canceled

Recently we posted about Disney Cruise Line sailings being canceled through February 28th. Now there is more information about certain cruises...

Another Round of Cruise Cancellations for Disney Cruise Line

Guests received another round of cruise cancellations today. Read on to see if your plans for a future cruise have changed.