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Another Round of Cruise Cancellations for Disney Cruise Line

Guests received another round of cruise cancellations today. Read on to see if your plans for a future cruise have changed.

New COVID Testing Policy Issued by Cruise Line International Association

What will future cruises look like once they begin sailing again? Read on to see what step is being taken for...

Disney Cruise Line Expected to Restart at Higher Capacity

In a recent meeting, the Port Director and CEO of the Port of Galveston provided an update about Disney Cruise Line's plan...

Disney Cruise Line Cancels More Fall Sailings

Yesterday, the Cruise Line International Association announced that US Cruise ships would engage in a voluntary no sail agreement through October 31, 2020.

Cruise Lines Announce Extension on No Sail Agreement

The Cruise Line International Association group agreed several weeks ago to extend the no sail order to September 15, 2020. Today, the group, which includes Disney Cruise Line, voluntarily agreed on a further extension.