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One Year Later: My Experience With Disney’s DAS Advance

Last year as Disney's new DAS Advance system was rolling out there were definitely growing pains. One year later, how is the process...

How to pre-register for DAS and a new onsite benefit!

Do you or someone you love use Disney's DAS service? Here is how to pre-register for the service. There is also a new update...

Update On the Experience With New Disney Advanced DAS Service

With the launch of Disney's new Genie service came a new DAS system at Disney World. Here is another update on our experience...

Disney’s New DAS Advanced System is Not Meeting Guest Expectations

Disney’s DAS Advanced pre-registration system seemed like a major upgrade for guests with disabilities when the system was announced alongside the new Genie+ service. ...

Complete Guide to Disability Access Service at Walt Disney World

Curious about using Disability Access Service at Walt Disney World after Genie launches? Here's all you need to know before you go. First, an...