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Limited Time Magic: Winter Wonderland in Epcot’s Canada Pavilion

Winter Wonderland at Epcot's Canada Pavilion January 2013
Winter Wonderland at Epcot’s Canada Pavilion January 2013

On Sunday, January 20th I dropped into Epcot’s Canada Pavilion to see what the Limited Time Magic:  Winter Wonderland was about first hand.  I got in line at 1:47 and the characters were about to take their quick quackers and nuts break, so I waited a total of 18 minutes to meet them.  When you zoom in on the characters with your camera, it was a cute little meet and greet area.  When they first announced “Winter Wonderland” in the Canada pavilion, I thought they would have snow machines on the buildings and snow throughout the area.  That was not the case.  They just had one little meet and greet area and it wasn’t even in the pavilion, it was along the water’s edge.   Continue reading Limited Time Magic: Winter Wonderland in Epcot’s Canada Pavilion

Possible changes with Donald and Goofy in Epcot

Rumor has it that Goofy is moving out of the Epcot character spot to join Daisy in “Legacy Plaza” at the front of the park.  Does this finally eliminate Stitch from that area?  Stitch has been off the schedule for a couple of weeks.

Donald is said to be leaving the Character Spot and will only be offering his meet in Mexico.

Knight Donald and Princess Daisy at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Knight Donald and Princess Daisy at Mickey’s Halloween Party – September 2012
CM told Daisy she needed to fix her dress and of course the valiant and chivalrous Donald came to the rescue!

Pete’s Silly Sideshow soft opening and Magic Kingdom character changes

Rumor has it that Pete’s Silly Sideshow will be open for day guests tomorrow, and be open for MNSSHP guests beginning with Thursday, October 4th’s party and continuing through the run of MNSSHP.  No word on MVMCP yet. Daisy, Minnie, Donald and Goofy will use their Disney magic and also be found in their regular MNSSHP meet locations.

As of the moment, when Pete’s Silly Sideshow opens, Guest Assistance Cards will not be accepted to bypass the line, only Make A Wish kids will be allowed to bypass the main queue.  Fastpass is not said to be offered at this time.

While the queue line is divided into male (Donald and Goofy) and female (Daisy and Minnie) characters, one will still be able to see the other characters within the room, but will only be able to meet them if they exit and re-queue for the other characters.

Pete’s tent is scheduled for open to close hours but will not be offered for Extra Magic Hours.

Minnie Mouse’s last day in Town Square Theater is said to be today, October 3rd.  Daisy will no longer meet in Town Square, Donald will no longer meet in Frontierland and Goofy will no longer meet in Adventureland after today.

Chip n Dale are scheduled to take over Donald’s spot in Frontierland tomorrow as well.  Marie took over at the flag pole on September 30.

Revised date for Pete’s tent and Ariel’s grotto


The revised soft opening date for Pete’s Silly Sideshow character meet tent is Thursday, October 4. This will feature Minnie & Daisy together from one line and Donald & Goofy together from another line.  Chip n Dale will move to Frontierland and the characters in the tent will cease their other meets at Magic Kingdom. 

Ariel’s Grotto soft opening date is tentatively set for October 12th.  You’ll be able to see her in her fins, but Eric will not be present.

Cast Member previews for New Fantasyland are scheduled for October 22-November 2. 

Annual passholder previews should be the two weekends following.