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Refurbishment Ends at the Magic Kingdom

The magic has finally returned to the Magic Kingdom as this refurbishment ends! Work in Progress We all understand that work must be done at Disney...

The Change We Have All Been Waiting For At The Magic...

It has taken some time, but guests can now enjoy this big change at the Magic Kingdom starting today. Refurbishments We all understand that work must...

The Construction You Didn’t Expect at the Magic Kingdom

We weren't expecting this construction and this will no doubt be a bit disappointing for guests. Be sure to check out the newest...

We have a new clue for the permanent Cinderella Castle colors

Now that the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World is coming to an end, many have wondered if Cinderella Castle will return to its...

Video: Cinderella Castle’s 50th anniversary magical transformation

As the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World draws near, the Theme Parks are busy transforming for the big celebration! Watch this incredible...