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What’s the deal with Jasmine’s new costume?

I've gotten a lot of people asking me questions about Jasmine's new costume that debuted at the first Halloween Party.  Here's a few responses...

Worldwide Wednesday: Captain Hook in Human Form

EuroRob has a great photo of Captain Hook in his human form from Disneyland Paris for us today!

Worldwide Wednesday – Cowboy Max Goof

EuroRob checks in today with a great photo of Max Goof in a Disneyland Paris original Cowboy costume for the park's 20th Anniversary. On April 12th...

Mickey and Minnie on the move in Hollywood Studios

A while back I told you that Sorcerer Mickey and Minnie Mouse will leave their respective locations in Hollywood Studios to relocate within the park.  It's happening really soon! Beginning...

Where to meet Olaf in Walt Disney World

Olaf's new meet and greet area in Walt Disney World!