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Will the Time Restriction on Park Hopping End Soon?

When park hopping resumed, a new restriction meant guests could not switch parks until 2 p.m. Will that change soon? Read on...

New Virtual Queue System for Rise of the Resistance: Success or...

This morning Guests visiting Disney's Hollywood Studios were able to join a new and improved Virtual Queue for Rise of the Resistance....

My Experience Using Disability Access Service with Rise of the Resistance

With Rise of the Resistance opening recently, many guests have questions about boarding groups and how it all works. Kenny has detailed...

Disneyland to Implement Virtual Queue System for Rise of the Resistance

Maybe you have heard about the popular new ride, Rise of the Resistance, in Walt Disney World? Ha! On...

UPDATE: Disney Adds “Backup Boarding Groups” for Rise of the Resistance

Earlier today, we reported that Disney had implemented a new system allowing guests to have a chance to ride the Rise of...