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March Disney World Resort Recreation Guides and Easter activities updated

I just completed updating the March 2016 Disney World Resort Recreation Guides. You’ll find the various Easter activities listed for each resort. Many resorts offer special character meet and greets. I don’t know which characters will appear at which resort, but it does offer the times. Continue reading March Disney World Resort Recreation Guides and Easter activities updated

Easter activities at Walt Disney World

Easter provides Walt Disney World guests the opportunity to take part in a variety of fun activities, egg hunting and meet and greets.

Meet Mr. and Mrs Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunnies meet at the Magic Kingdom next to City Hall daily through Easter Sunday, April 5.  They meet together for photo ops and they do offer Photopass, but they do not sign autographs.  Instead they offer a special pre-signed, egg-shaped collector card.  Read this post for more information.

Meet the Southern Belles

On Easter Sunday a large number of junior Southern Belles will be available in the morning at the Magic Kingdom’s Town Square for photo ops.

Easter Pre-parade

Easter Sunday offers a special Easter themed pre-parade at the Magic Kingdom.  A few minutes before each Festival of Fantasy parade a variety of bunnies and other Easter themed characters will march down the parade route for the enjoyment of park guests.

Giant chocolate eggs at the Grand Floridian

Each Easter season presents new delacately designed oversized chocolate egg creations at the Grand Floridian lobby.  They are usually between 16 and 20 inches tall and are hand painted by Disney World chefs with amazing Disney movie designs.

Epcot’s Egg-stravaganza Egg Hunt

From March 27 through April 5, Epcot will offer it’s annual Egg-stravaganza.   Guests are allowed to purchase a map and sticker set for $4.95 at the Heritage Manor in the American Adventure pavilion, Pin Central on the bridge from Future World to World Showcase, Port of Entry gift shops and the International Gateway gift shop.  After hunting for the special eggs in each World Showcase Country, guests place the corresponding sticker on their map.  After completing their egg hunt, they return the map, (complete or incomplete) for a special surprise gift for each map purchased.

Easter resort characters and Easter egg hunts

On Easter Sunday morning, a variety of Disney World resorts offer special character meet and greets.  In 2014, we met visited the monorail resorts and met Mickey & Minnie, White Rabbit, Chip n Dale and the Easter Bunnies (separately at different resorts).  The Grand Floridian offered free pastries and drinks in their grand courtyard in addition to the meet and greet.  Each resort offered children the opportunity to gather candy-filled eggs for free.  The children are separated by age group and gather eggs at the same time.  We found that the Polynesian resort was the best as there were few guests.

Here’s the best list I could compose for recent years resort characters:

  • All Star Movies – Goofy
  • All Star Music – Pluto
  • All Star Sports – Minnie
  • Animal Kingdom Lodge – Mickey
  • Boardwalk – Donald and Daisy, Goofy
  • Caribbean Beach – Goofy & Donald
  • Contemporary – Chip n Dale, Mr. Easter Bunny
  • Coronado – Mickey & Minnie
  • Grand Floridian – Mickey & Minnie, White Rabbit
  • Old Key West – Mickey & Minnie
  • Polynesian – Chip n Dale, Mrs. Easter Bunny
  • Pop Century – Minnie
  • Port Orleans – Mickey, Goofy & Donald
  • Yacht and Beach Club – Mickey & Pluto

I’m sure there were more, but those were the ones that my friends or I met in recent years.

Easter Polynesian Resort character meet and greets 2014

We left the Contemporary Resort and jumped on the monorail again and headed off two stops down the run to the Polynesian.  When we stopped there, a lady asked, “Is this Downtown Disney?”  Umm, not quite.  No monorails to Downtown Disney.  It’s hard enough to find a bus there, so they should consider it.  They would sell more tacos and stuffed Stitch dolls and Vinylmaters or whatever they are called.

We arrived at the Polynesian and began looking for the “Luau Lawn.”  No one at the Polynesian had a clue where that was, so we followed the signs to “Luau Cove,” which sounded close enough.  One guy tried to send us to ‘Ohana for breakfast.  I was willing to go, but he didn’t have a reservation and didn’t want to pay.  How rude!   Continue reading Easter Polynesian Resort character meet and greets 2014

Easter Contemporary Resort character meet and greets 2014

After finishing up our Grand Floridian character meets and spending some time talking with some new friends, we headed over to the Contemporary Resort.  We were hoping to meet Chip n Dale in their black tuxedos.  We rushed down to find that the CM said the family before us were the last to meet them at that time.  We could wait around about 30 minutes to meet them and meet Mr. Easter Bunny or move along.  Before Chip n Dale rushed off, Debbie gave them each nut filled candy and they gave her a big hug.

Easter Contemporary Resort character meet and greets Chip n Dale

Continue reading Easter Contemporary Resort character meet and greets 2014

Easter Grand Floridan character meet and greets 2014

We started out our Easter meet plan with the goal of hoping to meet Mickey and Minnie in their purple formal attire.  We thought we’d park at the TTC and take the monorail over.  We arrived before 8:00am with the goal of being on the Grand Floridian lawn by 8:15am.  Well, all didn’t go as planned.  As we prepared to board the resort monorail, we were told there would be a minor delay to do a “maintenance test.”  The train sat there for a couple of minutes, then we all boarded.  It moved back and forth a few times, made a really odd braking noise and then it totally powered off.

We sat there with no power for a couple of minutes and they re-booted the system.  We thought we were ready to go.  We moved a few feet forward and they reopened the doors and allowed more people to board.  After a few more minutes we finally moved a short distance.  The train would start, then stop, then start…

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