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Adventures By Disney at Home: South Africa

Adventures By Disney at Home: South Africa

Disney Parks Blog shared a fun idea for a South African theme night! Read on for activities, recipes, and the movies to screen!

One of Adventures By Disney’s most popular destinations is South Africa. Guests experience safari, local foods, and culture.

While I have never done an Adventures By Disney excursion, I have visited South Africa before. My father worked in Capetown’s nuclear power plant after retirement, and my parents lived there for 3 years.

Now, they travel to South Africa each winter, and they are currently stuck there! They are under a very strict lock down and working with the embassy to get a repatriation flight back to the states.

Table Mountain as viewed from my parent’s balcony in Melkbosstrand, South Africa outside of Capetown

Adventures By Disney shared a game, a recipe and more to get us all in the South African Spirit!

First, you’ll need the right gear! Disney Parks Blog suggests scouring your closet for khaki, safari-ready outfits or animal prints!

Next, you’ll want to screen a movie that captures the African spirit and beauty. They suggest:

  • True-Life Adventures: The African Lion (1955)
  • The Lion King (1994)
  • The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride (1998)
  • The Lion King 1½ (2004)
  • Disney Nature: African Cats (2011)
  • The Lion King (2019)
  • Disney Nature: Elephant (2020)

There’s even a game! Draw it- South Africa edition:

No trip to a new destination would be complete without a fantastic dinner! Try Durban Spiced Chicken with this recipe from Disney Family!

For Dessert, they suggest these lion paw print cookies! The recipe is from Disney Family and can be found here!

South Africa Trivia

South Africa is a beautiful newly industrialized country located at the southernmost point in Africa. Geographically, the country is about the size of Columbia.

My mother’s photo of Capetown

In addition to numerous tribal languages, South Africans speak English and Afrikaans, which is a language similar to Dutch. English is the most common language used by various tribes to communicate with each other.

These donkeys visited each day when my parents rented a cabin in the Langeberg Mountains of South Africa

South Africans you may have heard of include Space X CEO Elon Musk, Daily Show Host Trevor Noah and Dave Matthews of the Dave Matthews Band.

I highly recommend Trevor Noah’s book “Born a Crime” if you’re interested in learning more about Apartheid era life in South Africa and like to laugh! There is also a young reader’s version with the language cleaned up.

Noah is mixed race and was born in a time where his existence was illegal. His mother pretended to be the housekeeper when they went out together.

Ready to take a virtual trip to South Africa? Let us know in the comments on Facebook if you plan to do a South African theme night!

-Rebecca W Davis


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