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KennythePirate will no longer be involved in Mouse Class Travel


In life, there are times when one is called to reflection, when one needs to find what is best for himself. When I was hospitalized in August, I spent time in reflection and preparation for a new future for myself. I immediately and drastically changed my eating habits. I began to exercise more regularly. I lost weight and got my health issues under control. One element that I examined was my own mental health. I found that I was not happy doing all the things that I had found myself doing. I needed to make some changes. One of those changes is in stepping out of Mouse Class Travel.

I partnered with Lisa on February 1, 2018, with excitement to try something new, doing something differently than had been done previously. I expected that we could book about 100 clients in a year and I’d be able to have the time to choose the Fastpasses, communicate with clients and build their touring plans.

Mouse Class Travel boomed to well over my expected number. The company is successful. It’s one of the fastest growing Disney specific travel agencies. I’m not stepping aside because the attempt didn’t succeed. I became overwhelmed in many aspects of my life.  We attempted to make changes that would help me, but there was still a great deal of stress in my life trying to balance my Mouse Class Travel responsibilities with my blog efforts and Character Locator. As time went on, it placed greater stress upon me, so I’ve sold my partnership interest to Lisa, who has become the sole owner of Mouse Class Travel.

As part of our agreement, I will build touring plans for clients who are departing for travel by October 31, 2019.  After that time, it will be the sole responsibility of Mouse Class Travel to care for your travel needs.

In agreement to my departure contract from MCT, Mouse Class Travel will continue to place advertisements here on KennythePirate blog and present any new Disney offers for you in the future, but I will not be personally involved in Mouse Class Travel.

I will be more focused than ever on providing quality content and making sure that Character Locator remains the best planning tool available.  It will get even better!

Thanks for your understanding and enjoy your next magical vacation!



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  1. Congratulations on all your success, but more so on the wisdom to take better care of yourself. It is one of the hardest things for people to do. It can be a part-time to full-time job in itself. Good luck and best wishes! We want to see you enjoy many years to come.

  2. I should heed your advice. I stay 100-125 nights a year in a hotel traveling for work, am mayor of my little town, President of my church, treasurer of the youth football league and I help coach my sons team. Leaves little time for me to plan our annual trip to WDW

  3. Kenny, thinking of you and glad you are putting your physical, mental and emotional health first!! Prayers for your continued good health .
    I was going to submit a request for a MVMCP plan, will you still be doing those? I may be able to piece it together with your pre-written touring plans.
    Thank you for all that you do!

  4. Good for you Kenny! I’ve felt like you have always assisted us with the awesome plans found on Character Locator! If anyone were to overhear our group at the parks I am certain they would think there was a Kenny was with us too. And you always are. Rest easy, Captain, your crew needs you!

  5. I always wondered how you juggled everything that you were doing and kept your health, sanity and home life balanced. I’m sure that you spent a lot of time reflecting and praying on your decision to end your partnership with MCT and it must have been hard. Wishing you the best of health and well-being Kenny, and I certainly appreciate all the help and information that you provided for our trip. I have every confidence in Lisa and her Mouse Class Travel team to help and facilitate another wonderful trip next summer. The best of luck to both of you!

  6. Kenny, no one can do it all. It is important to recognize what you want to prioritize in your life for you health and life’s enjoyment. I hope this brings lots of both to you. Love characterlocater. No one is better and preparing their members to see Disney.

  7. Although I’m disappointed because I wanted to have you help plan my next vacation, I’m glad that you are taking care of yourself. Mental health is just as important as physical health.

  8. We have a trip booked through Mouse Class Travel to Disneyland in February 2020. We paid extra to have a custom plan done by Kenny. How will that work now?

    • Austin, you’ll need to contact MCT about your issue. My exit contract agreement calls for me to create plans through Oct 31.

    • Hello Austin, you have access to me and our team 24/7 via text, cell phone or email! Yes we are still building customized plans utilizing Character Locator so you are in good hands!

  9. Health, both mental and physical, is number one, Kenny. Good for you for grabbing the proverbial bull by the horns and doing what is necessary. You have done a good job with it so far, Kenny, with your weight and A1C. Keep it up, (or down, as the case may be). We all have to do what is best for us, and when it is best for us.

    Thanks for a great website all these years. It’s been nice to see it grow over the years into what is is today. What was probably just a personal thing for you to do for your own Disney visits and a hobby, has grown into a well- known, formidable Disney planning site, one of the good ones. Good to hear you will keep it going.

    And though I have not used Mouse Class Travel, my best wishes to Lisa for continued growth and success.

    Take care, Kenny, and again, good for you.

    Dan Murphy

  10. I value the community that all of you have built on FB. I get a lot of joy out of the sharing that goes on through the group. Some Disney groups are not as positive and kind as the folks here are. Thank you for your help with our trip last spring. God bless your further endeavors.

  11. Kenny thank you for the opportunity to partner with you! It’s been an amazing time. MCT will continue to use Character Locator for all our clients because as you know, my love for your product is why I really wanted to work with you. It’s a tool everyone should use for their trips! I’m happy you are getting healthy and focusing on what matters most. See you in the parks :)

  12. Props to you for being honest with yourself about what is working in the best interest of your health and happiness. Many thanks for your work here. Best to Lisa as well!

  13. Life is a challenge and we all learn that we are not able to maintain certain aspects at the level one feels Is needed for all involved. The best decision is what is right for you to be a healthy person and focus on what’s most important.

  14. Thanks for everything you do, Kenny! Character Locator is a great resource and I appreciate that you’re taking care of yourself first. I rely on the Pirate for the best Disney info and want you to be around for a long time :)

  15. ive been following you since 2015 and learned so much on my own with your blog. i booked my 2020 trip with MCT because you were a part of it. I have no doubt that Lisa and Melissa will take care of me and im sad to see you will not be a part of it. however, your choice is a wise one and understandably, for the best. ill see you in my email and on your fb page and group!! much love kenny.

  16. It sounds as if you are making a very wise decision and I applaud you for it. I am sad that you are leaving at the end of October; we travel in November! You were the reason I found the agency which has been great to work with- but I was really excited that it was finally time to work with you. Best wishes!

    • I’m truly sorry for that LaRaine. Focusing on my total well-being is really important to me right now. Thank you for the best wishes!

      • You are right! There have been so many times I have said yes to too many things! I wish you all of the best!

    • We have you well supported LaRaine!! If we can weather all those reservations changes together, we can weather anything together lol!! Let’s get planning woohoo!

      • You are right!!! Thank you for everything so far!

        So excited about our trip and how all of those changes have allowed us to exceed my original plans. If someone would have told me a year ago that we would be able to stay at a Deluxe in 2019 for the same price as Moderate in 2018, I would not have believed it.

        It’s going to be great! The rest of the planning will be icing on the cake!

  17. That makes me sad but I totally understand. Your mental and physical health should be your first priority. I can only imagine how stressful it was to try to make all of those fastpasses for so many other people. It’s stressful to do it just for my daughter and I! Honestly, you were the sole reason I was going to use Mouse Travel on my next trip. I’ll have to decide what I’m going to do now. I’ve never used a travel agent previously – always planned my own trips. I was going to use them because I trusted YOU! I didn’t really know anything about them previously. And no disprespect intended towards Lisa and Mouse Travel. I just have to make a decision as to whether or not to still use them for our upcoming trip. I’m glad you’re still continuing your great touring plans and Character Locator! It’s the best Disney planner EVER! Best wishes to you, Kenny!

    • Melanie I’m so sorry you feel that way! To be clear, we are still using (Character Locator) for building plans. Putting things in time order is something we learned via Character Locator. Our MCT team and I understand some of you feel uneasy about this but the real bonus is the learning curve that you do not have to endure. You give us a wishlist and we make it happen! If you prefer to be a more active participant in your planning, that’s ok too! Really it’s up to you.

      • Lisa, like I said, no disrespect intended. I just got used to doing my own travel arrangements. I never even considered using a travel agent until I saw Kenny was involved. I’m a HUGE fan of his and Character Locator! I know Kenny is capable of working “magic”. I still may try Mouse Travels. The hard part for me is “letting go” to let someone else do it. My OCD kicks in when I’m planning a trip to Disney!! Lol!

    • I’m truly sorry that I can’t be there to assist you! I’m honored that you created your booking based on being a part of my Crew!

      • I totally understand! Like I said in my original response, your health and well-being is of the utmost importance! I’m so proud for all you have accomplished regarding your health! It’s very inspiring and I need to get on the stick myself and get my health in order!
        I wish you and Lisa the best! I still hope to meet you in the park one day! That’s a personal goal of mine!! Take care!

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