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Disney’s Magical Express to return to 3 hour pick up window

Disney's Magical Express to return to 3 hour pick up window

A wildly unpopular decision to require Magical Express pick ups from Disney World resorts 4 hours early is coming to an end soon.  Disney’s Magical Express to return to 3 hour pick up window.

Recently, guests were required to be picked up 4 hours early from their resort for their return flight home at Orlando International Airport.  Guests were very upset as they were just sitting around the airport an hour longer and they couldn’t even check in their luggage at the resort.

Beginning January 11, 2018, Disney’s Magical Express will return to it’s old policy of picking up guests at Disney World resorts 3 hours prior to their flight departure for domestic flights, but International flights will continue to pick up 4 hours prior to flight time.

The resort airline check-in desks at various Disney World resort hotels will operate from 5am to noon daily.

What do you think about this change?


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  1. There is no charge for Disney’s Magical Express. If you didn’t receive enough tags you can always give the luggage tickets you got when you checked your luggage in to the people at Magical Express Counter and they will be able to collect all your luggage the same way. My clients did this and it was no trouble at all.

  2. The ME is free of charge. If you didn’t receive enough luggage tags going to Disney, give your package claim tickets to the ME check in and they will still pull your luggage for you.

  3. After 3 timesI will never do the Magical Express again. Waste of time & money. Only got one baggage tag so we had to retrieve most of our luggage anyway. For what is charged extra for the service I’d just as soon rent a car or hire Uber or another service. So much time wasted! We sat at the airport for 2 hours before our flight.

  4. I quit taking Magical Express several trips ago because I hated it taking forever to get to the resort from the airport and having to get to the airport so early on the return trip. I rent a car now and it is so much better. It is also better when I want to eat at a different resort.

  5. Thank goodness. It was such a waste of time when we had to do it in early December. Entertaining littles at the airport is much harder than at the resort. I just wish WDW had more pull in streamlining the abysmal security lines at MCO! LOL

  6. This is great news! We are Nexus cardholders so the extra hour really wouldn’t be needed. Glad they’ll be making this change before our upcoming trip!

  7. Great news! We were unlucky enough to be heading home 2 days after the change was made to a 4 hour window. We had to get up ridiculously early and had hours wasted sitting around the airport. To make it worse, I was really sick that day so to sit around for an extra hour was terrible. We were so early, we weren’t even allowed to get in line for security! We decided to have a sit down breakfast and then were finally able to get in the security line. Just awful. I was wondering if there would be complaints.

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