1. We were planning on doing this in February-2018. Didnt realize is was “temporary”. How can we band together to ask Disney to keep it going for another few months?

  2. I would like to do this, but for the money can think of other activities. The price seems high. Now if they added Louis or Dr. Fascillier then it would be well worth it! We may still do it on our trip in November. Kenny, I would love it if you did a sort of best character meet and greet opportunities in your opinion article. I would also second Erin’s idea. I always enjoy your reviews/recommendations. Among the absolute most thorough!

  3. I was hoping to do this, but we won’t be traveling until next spring! Bummer!
    Question: have you ever written a bucket list article on “must do” events at Disney? We’ve been 4 times and just wonder if there is anything I must see, or a specific time of year we should go? I’d be so curious to hear your thoughts!

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