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Maui from Moana makes his first appearance in a Disney Park


Guests have clamored to see Maui in a Disney theme park.  Their wish finally came true as Maui appeared in Shanghai Disney!

@disneynews55 on Instagram reported today that Maui and Moana will appear in the Summerblast Castle show at Shanghai Disney.


Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to meet Maui in Walt Disney World or Disneyland some day?  Of course, many would love to just get Moana back in Walt Disney World too.


  1. We were at WDW in January and she was at the Polynesian Resort doing a meet and greet. They could continue this similar to Elena appearing at Coronado Springs.

  2. Moana NEEDS to be in WDW. I think they should add Polynesia to the World Showcase in Epcot with a Moana ride and Moana meet and greet. In the meantime, Moana could make appearances at any of the 4 WDW parks in Florida.

  3. Why do you doubt it? Does Disney World usually not get the characters in the parks in Asia? It seems strange that such a popular movie is not going to have character meets in the US.

  4. Is there a reason there is so little Moana presence in the park? We were just there in June and were disappointed by lack of presence and merch.

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