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Changes made to Fastpass+ booking system at Walt Disney World

Changes to Disney World Fastpass+ system

Changes were made to Fastpass+ booking system at Walt Disney World.  I’ve put together a little guide as to how to book Fastpass+ using the new system.

Changes made to Fastpass+ booking system at Walt Disney World

Booking from the Disney Website

After logging into your My Disney Experience account, you click on the Fastpass link and then press Get Started.  You’ll then select your family members.  If you wish to select everyone in your travel group, save yourself some time and click “Select All” under Anyone Else Going?

Changes made to Fastpass+ booking system at Walt Disney World

Next you’ll choose your date and the park you wish to visit.  Changes made to Fastpass+ booking system at Walt Disney World

When I chose June 12, it populated the parks and hours for that date.  I chose to book for Magic Kingdom by clicking upon that park name.Changes made to Fastpass+ booking system at Walt Disney World

It will then load a screen that looks like this.  It will offer a wide variety of attractions and available times.  You can sort, using the buttons, for Morning, Afternoon, Evening or use the “Select a time” feature.  Select a time is a little easier to use, but still not as nice as the old web version that showed all available times at once.  Here you can only choose from 3 times per block.Changes made to Fastpass+ booking system at Walt Disney World Changes made to Fastpass+ booking system at Walt Disney World

I chose Seven Dwarfs and used the 10:55am time block.  Once I confirmed the choice, I was given this screen.Changes made to Fastpass+ booking system at Walt Disney World

You’ll then be asked if you wish to “Continue on same day,” “Select a different day,” or “No thanks, I’m done.”  In order to book your 2nd and 3rd Fastpasses, you’ll always choose “Continue on same day.”   You are no longer required to book 3, but it is wise to do so. Use “No thanks, I’m done” to review your choices later.Changes made to Fastpass+ booking system at Walt Disney WorldAfter completing all 3 choices and clicking Done, you’ll see a screen that looks like this one.  It will show all the Fastpasses that you’ve reserved for your entire trip.  If you wish to edit an attraction or time, click upon “View Details” under the attraction name and you’ll repeat the process you used to choose originally.

Changes made to Fastpass+ booking system at Walt Disney World

You’ll see a screen like this one.  In order to change the time or attraction, you’ll click upon “Modify.”  “Change party” lets you remove someone from the list.  Cancel is actually delete, so don’t us that button.  We’ll click Modify and find a time we like better.
Changes made to Fastpass+ booking system at Walt Disney World

It’s not a difficult system to use, but it requires more time than the old system with 3 pre-chosen slots that you could modify later.

Most tricky part of this new version is that you’ll need to jot down the time you choose for your 1st and second FP+ or you’ll end up with an error message screen asking if you want to override your FP+.  Remember that you cannot book another FP+ until the last time listed for the previous FP+.  I just place the info into my touring plan in Character Locator, to make it super easy.

My Disney Experience App

If you are using the My Disney Experience app to choose and update your Fastpass+, be sure to update your application!

After launching their app, you click on the Fastpass+ option and you’ll be presented with a screen like this.  Mine shows a FP+ already reserved for today.

Click the blue + to begin your booking process:

Changes to Disney World Fastpass+ System

Choose the members of your travel party

Changes to Disney World Fastpass+ System (2)

Choose your date and park.Changes to Disney World Fastpass+ System (3)

I chose Magic Kingdom as an example and chose 9:00am.  Some people tell you to set your Fastpass+ for afternoon, but I choose the earlier in the day and try for extra FP+.  I’ll review the new process for booking the 4th FP+ from the app later today.Changes to Disney World Fastpass+ System (5)

I think that was the longest graphic in history!  I chose Peter Pan’s Flight for 9:05-10:05.  I have no intention of running straight there at 9am, so I’ll do other Fantasyland attractions, then make my way over closer to 10:00am.
Changes to Disney World Fastpass+ System (6)

After you click “Confirm” you’ll see this screen.  I’m left wondering right now why the web and app versions don’t use the same terminology?

After confirming, click “Same day” to continue with booking the 2nd and 3rd Fastpasses, one at a time.Changes to Disney World Fastpass+ System (7) I’ll choose it’s a small world as the example because it fits my desire for 10:00am FP+.  I would never choose this.  I’d go for something like Big thunder and Splash back to back or Dumbo and Barnstormer back to back or Buzz and Space back to back.Changes to Disney World Fastpass+ System (8)

Again we confirm and choose “Same day” to reach the 3rd Fastpass+ choice.Changes to Disney World Fastpass+ System (9) Changes to Disney World Fastpass+ System (10)

If you accidentally choose an attraction time, you’ll receive this warning.  I’m wondering why this couldn’t have been programmed into the system like it used to be.  Changes to Disney World Fastpass+ System (11)

I finished it off by choosing Buzz Lightyear as an example and now it lets you know that your selections are complete for the day.  You can repeat this tedious process again for a “Different Day.”
Changes to Disney World Fastpass+ System (13)

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  1. I am heading to Epcot with my kids 30 days from today, but still can’t reserve my fastpasses thru my account. Do I have to wait until the actual office opens at 7am to do so? I’ve been trying since 6am. Thanks.

  2. We have family traveling with us on a separate reservation and arriving a couple days after us. Will I be able to book fastpasses for them on our 60 days out day or will I need to wait until there 60 day mark?

  3. Are the only dates available to choose FPP the dates you have a resort reservation? It looks like there are only a few dates available for you to choose from on one of the first pictures. Will all days up to 60 not open up once you get into that date range?

      • With the prior FP+ system, I was able to “practice” booking FPs in advance of my 60 day window and then just cancel them immediately afterwards. I would like to do the same again this year so I don’t deal with the changes on my actual 60 day window. Kenny, is that possible? Can you still book practice FPs and then immediately cancel them with no impact?
        Thanks as always for all your great help!!

  4. Not a fan….we are here now and even though u can pick another park or get more in the same park after your 3 are past…there is slim availability so you really cannot take advantage of this! I thought maybe they would hold some back but they didnt….right now at 730pm the only past pass available in ANY park is muppetvision in HS.

    • Bummer. :( Is/was it extremely busy there? Just curious. We try to have all our fast passes done by 3 so we can get our next ones before they are all gone too, then later when crowds decrease, we ride the rest hopefully, with lower wait times.

  5. Any idea on if we can get Anna and Elsa FP for May 28-June 3 trip? I’ve been working on it since 60 days at midnight but since they are moving to Epcot then they haven’t shown up at Epcot? Thanks so much for all the info!

  6. Are there any changes to park hopping? Can you only do one park at a time? If you hop do you have to do it at the kiosk?

  7. new system will not function with Microsoft edge it has lots of bugs and can not select more than 3 people and things will disappear and you will also get other random error messages.

    • there is a trick to get all the times up at once, “Change Time or Experience” page under attraction description is “View Details and more times” link that displays a whole list of times at once.

    • have you tried using different browsers? or is this a dumb question? :( I know sometimes I switch from IE to firefox and I’m good.. sometimes things work better in chrome. Hope it ends up working better for you!

  8. Booking 30 days out with our AP’s, my MDE app shows the old booking system, but if I go through the website to get to MDE, it shows the new booking system. My 60 days out is tomorrow…which one would you use? Thank you for always keeping your fans in the loop!

  9. If I only choose 2 fast passes (toy story mania and star tours), after they are used, can I go book Fantasmic if available at a kiosk or the app?

  10. Thank you Kenny! Are the 60 days out (if AP or staying on property) to book a FP still the same? And if using the mobile app, am I able to book 4 FP? I recall seeing an article you wrote about Disney introducing a 4th FP.

  11. If you click on ‘my plans’ under the date it shows you all your other FastPass and dining reservations, so no need to write them down :)

      • I’m confused. Once I hit confirm and then go to make another on the same day the first one shows up when I click on ‘my plans’. Maybe we’re talking about different things?

  12. What if already have 3 fp. Is there something new about being able to get a 4th before you get in the park. Or maybe I’m remembering incorrect and its when you get in the park you can then use MDE to get the 4th? Thanks Kenny!!

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