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Character Palooza: where do the characters come from and where do they go? With photos and video

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Shape up soldier!

Character Palooza 2019 Schedule



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  1. I notice that all of this is from 2013. Is there an updated version for July 2014? (Especially now with Frozen being at HS)

  2. When Fantasmic is at 8:00 only, they come out from this area at 3:30 and head to streets of America. Where do they come out from at 4:30 for the Echo Lake pallooza?

  3. Thank you so much for this post! We were there last week on the 30th. During our afternoon break I was looking for further information on characterpalooza to be sure that we didn’t miss it and I found this post! It was perfect. We enjoyed it and had so much fun. We have pictures with Max, Meeko, Captain Hook (my son was so excited!), one of the green army men (we were goofing around tryin to get him to move) and also Jasmine (she was by herself). We would’ve seen other characters but Jasmine wouldn’t let my daughter go – they were having so much fun! We saw Pinocchio, Gepetto, Chip, Dale, Mary Poppins, Minnie Mouse, Pocahontas and Bolt also walking around. We marked back with one of the army men – it was a blast! Thank you for all of the input! (your app was helpful while we were there also!)

  4. Loved this post, KTP!!! Will Characterpalooza be there September 5-7? Low attendance time so I wondered if they cut them.

  5. On Monday they did it next to the entrance of the Backstage Tour. We sat on Streets of America and after 10 minutes thought it was cancelled. Just happened to be walking back that way and ran right into it. It created for a tremendous log jam near Midway Mania.

  6. I really don’t like the roaming characters. I grew up going to Disneyland, and when I was a kid, you’d have people pushing their kid in front of you. Also, I have very few photos of characters and myself that are without one or two strangers. Add to this mix, people who may not speak English, or understand waiting for your turn. While I like random characters, I do not like a lack of a line.

  7. Awesome pictures and videos! Characterpalooza is so awesome. I’ve met a bunch of uncommon characters there. I still haven’t met Genie though. He’s my favorite Disney character

  8. Very fun and these videos are great to see. Sad they won’t be going on during the holidays but then again I have a feeling there will be a lot o fun things going on Dec 22-29! That will be that last week of Limited Time Magic right??

  9. Thanks for posting a video of streets of america palooza. it helps understand where to head. will you post something for echo lake?
    thanks for helping us plan our character hunting!

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